Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Park Jun's Beauty Lab - FIXING ME AND MY HAIR

April 20, 2011 ~ 3:54 P.M.
For approximately 1 year (as of now), I had chosen "Park Jun's" to take care as well as style my hair. Within that range of time, I can say that I made the right choice in doing so, I guess I can refer to their salon service and everything to be cost-effective.

From the day I was born until my third grade in elementary school, I had straight hair. As I remembered, it was in the shape of half a coconut husk (bunot), a typical look for a school boy I guess. But as soon as I started my fourth grade, it became curly. Since then I had curly hair, it wasn't wavy or a bit curly but rather in it's most dreadful (LOL) form, curly like the natives, I could compete with Medusa from Greek Mythology. It's not that I totally resent my previous hair or look, its just that I had bad (hurtful I guess) encounters regarding my look (as others would tease me; even people I don't know look upon me as something odd) but I sucked it all up and still continue on. Also for the reason that it was heavy when it grows long, prone to damages (particularly dandruff), and the likes. Other salon's that I had tried would all say "there's nothing we can do about this.." or "you're only limited to this style.." whenever I decided to style my hair to make it look better. Through these things, I almost lost confidence in believing that my hair and overall look would experience salvation.

One day, I just realized that it is enough, I had to do something, and I will make all other people who look down on me eat their words. At this point in time, I was drastic to look for a salon that could help me. I searched the internet, dozens of magazines, blogs, reviews, and other references that might help me. While I was watching "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" (a TV program here in the Philippines that tackles a wide range of topics; from lifestyles, food, fashion, recreation, destination, social issues, and many more ~ aired on Saturday's before Imbestigador), one of their topics really had a high appeal on me, it was about hair styles, particularly on the comparison of Korean and Pinoy stylists and their services rendered. They had surveys on which hair looks better, without letting people know who is the one behind the look, and as I suspected, they chose "Pinoy" as the winner (it wasn't a shock for me, since if you do a simple logic; Philippine based TV show comparing Korean and Philippine style of doing haircut > winner: it's obvious). Though I'm not saying I am against Philippine stylists, it's just that based on my experience on various salons that I had really not so good experiences but of course I also had good experiences (but few), plus I am a Filipino so I'm just saying what is my opinion regarding that matter. They featured Park Jun's which I have remembered to pass by once as I was going home from shopping with my friend Ekha.

After that TV show, I decided to search Park Jun's on the internet, I came across few reading materials that covers them, but amongst all of those things that I  have read, one page really helped me a lot, it was (this is the link to the page I am referring to). It revealed to me the prices, the interior of the salon, the stylists, a bit of background on them, and reviews that were all POSITIVE. But I have to be honest, I had doubts since it was really really and I mean really expensive as compared to the previous salon services I had availed. But my mom totally supported me on this one, she insisted since it was worth the try and that I had positive reviews, plus the idea that this will be a major transformation and a major salon is needed. So that was it, during the fourth term in school, I decided to not cut my hair (approximately 5 to 6 months) and make it long so that a lot of style can be made from it. I wore headbands so that it won't cover my entire face and it I would lessen the sweat the heat causes on me.

Here are some of my pictures when I still had curly hair...

Mind you (if ever somebody is reading this), these pictures are the ones I looked acceptable having this kind of hair and look. I had hard time finding and sorting them out (LOL XD). At least you (reader) know how I looked like back then.

On July 7, 2010, I asked my friend Steffi to come with me, and she immediately said yes. She was very supportive of what I am going to do, she even kept on asking "ready ka na ba?". I would always say yes, but I am really worried and nervous. A lot of things and visualization was coming into my mind like what if it wouldn't turn out well as I expected, what would others say about it after seeing my new look, will they be able to do it, will I not have a "broomstick" like hair, and many more. I just had faith I guess, and I came there without setting an appointment since it was my first time and I didn't know for volume rebonding and services that takes time, I need to set an appointment so I could be sure that I will be accomodated (though this isn't necessary for haircut or small services but just to be sure you might as well set an appointment). Luckily, Miss Jinny Kim was available that time and as soon as she saw me, she immediately smiled and greeted me warmly, and then I asked if what service could I avail in order to fix the disaster going on in my head (LOL), she then spoke in Korean with the other Korean lady in the front desk, and then she recommended what I should be getting. I said to her that I leave everything up to her, whatever the outcome will be, I will wholeheartedly accept it. She's really friendly and nice, she's absolutely pretty, very good fashion sense, and she can speak English really well so her guest wouldn't have a hard time establishing rapport. As I was walking down the hallway, I was looking all over the place and I was surprised that the work place was located below or underground (cool in my opinion). There I saw the assistants (who were friendly but not totally fake in being so) and the other stylists.

They were friendly also to my companion, they offered us drinks of our choice and magazines so it wouldn't be boring, and they let my friend sit next to me or in particular near me. During that time Ate Aida was the assistant, she explained to me vividly each step, product, and other necessary information, on what she is currently doing, the purpose of the product, effects of it, what not to do, and the likes. Miss Jinny was also like that, she explained everything she does so her client would be informed well on what's is happening. I came across new styles on treating my hair, new products I have never encountered, and interesting machines that is only present there in Park Jun. I was totally wowed by the things I am experiencing though I am still nervous on the outcome. To make my hair straight and look far far from it's disastrous state is a miracle.

It took me 4 to 5 hours inside the salon after everything was finished, from the treatment (damaged hair), revitalizing it, having it volume rebonded, and finally the haircut, I was really surprised and confusingly happy since I didn't expect that it would be possible and it would turn out better (really better) as I expect it to be. I was really happy and said to myself that I didn't know it was still possible. I sensed that Miss Jinny was tired but relieved on her creation. From that moment, I can confirm that she was really a professional and extremely talented on what she does. I then knew that people working for that salon was extremely talented and friendly. They will not recommend something for you that you don't really need (like products and services), also if you have something in mind to do for your hair having in mind that it could relieve your woe but it would actually make it worse, they would suggest something different. The are really professionals there, dedicated to their work and doing their job well enough to be recognized, providing the best possible service and output for every guest they have.

Here some of the pictures I had during my first time in Park Jun's Salon...

And here are the other pictures I had with the salon... from volume rebonds, treatments, and haircuts...

In my opinion, I have come a long way when it comes to taking care of my hair, and this was possible because of Park Jun's Beauty lab and my favorite stylist Miss Jinny, though I haven't tried any other stylist since I have a loyal attitude when it comes to these kinds of things, however I know all of them are as talented as she is.

If you have plans on fixing your hair, new fresh look, something you can be proud of to wear then I suggest you go to Park Jun's. Your money won't be a waste but keep in mind the things you want to do so that it would be a two way communication between you and the stylist. Bringing a picture of the kind of haircut you want could help, they also have this  book of haircut reference so that they can show you what you like, and you can try what I usually do, leaving the fate of my hair into their hands and say "something that would suit me well :)". If you have doubts on the stylist then I suggest to have Jinny Kim to accommodate you, but all other stylist are good so I guess you just have to choose whoever you feel comfortable with. They're all really nice and would take care of you the moment you walk inside their shop until you leave. :)

Thank you for reading. If you have inquiries about the price of their services then go to the link that I included here earlier, their services and prices are updated, the stylist are the only one's who aren't as there are new stylist on the shop. Mr. James Lee isn't there anymore (he seemed really nice) but Mr. Kino Lee is back :) Miss Jinny Kim is there, Miss Kim (don't know her full name sorry :|) and Miss Maia Noh also.

I almost forgot, they have really good products there. It is the only shop I know that sells Bedhead brand of products, but there are other stuff too that can help you in taking good care of your hair. :)

Park Jun’s Beauty Lab is located at the G/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City. You can contact them on  819-3001 to 02. To know more about them visit


  1. I had my hair permed at Park Jun's and it ended up more damaged. I went to their salon last October to have my hair permed but they said that my hair is too damaged that I need to have my hair treated. So I availed of their promo - the Mucota Treatment which cost me almost 20K for six sessions. I noticed that my hair became healthier so I even bought their Home treatment. After the sixth session last November 30, they said the next time I go back, I can have my hair permed already. Last December 8, I went back to Park Jun's and asked if they can already have it permed (as I always do). The senior stylist checked my hair and gave it a GO so I was happy. They said I need to have it treated AND permed that day so I agreed. So they did all the rituals... and after 6 hours of waiting, my hair is ready for rinsing... The assistant talked to me and told me that the perm did not really had an effect because my hair is too dry... So I need to have it treated and I need to do the maintenance which involves twisting my hair every now and then to have the "permed" effect. The senior stylist talked to me and said that my hair is too dry I need to have it cut -- Whaat? After all the money I spent to have my hair treated they will say the reason why the perm did not take effect is because my hair is "too dry?" After all the money I spent for the treatment, the recommendation is to have it CUT? I even asked them if I can have it permed... If they said NO, I wouldn't force it anyways... I was planning to go back to their salon to have my hair fixed again because in the first place it was their salon who treated my hair and then have it damaged because of the Perming process. I will check with them if they can have my hair treated for free (at least the 6 sessions I paid for to have my hair treated).

    What I plan now is to have my hair cut after 1 month if this would not get better. 30K of treatment and perming wasted...

    1. Hello. I know this reply is waaay too late but i actually want to know what happened to your hair after. Was it really just cut and all money spent on it got wasted? I also have very dry and damaged hair and i am planning to avail volume rebonding at Park Jun salon but your experience is making me a bit hesitant. ��

    2. Hi Christine :) if I may (though, I don't have any idea what happened after Shallow Sleeper's comment/experience), I've been a customer of Park Jun's Glorietta (Makati City), for about 5 years now.. Since I started having my hair treated, cut, and volume rebonded there (3x a year, then had it reduced to 2x a year since maybe 2012), I can pretty much say that it has gotten waaaaaaayyyy better than before.. It doesn't get super curly anymore but just the right wave in it after maybe 6 to 8 months, after having it volume rebonded.. I get you on the part that's making you hesitant, since it is definitely not cheap and we're talking about our crowning glory here, but based on my own experience, my hair condition (even scalp) got way better and healthier now.. the Korean stylist I'm with when I wrote this blog, Jinny Kim, is no longer connected with Park Jun's, I've heard she put up her own Salon in Busan.. I then switched to Kino Lee, my current stylist and really good friend :) .. tips! just make sure to explain to them the condition of your hair, why do you want to have it rebonded etc., if you have a picture with you of the style you want, it would definitely help, or if you don't know what style would suit you then ask them their opinion.. listen to them as well, make sure that the services they are offering is something you really want and is within your budget (that's usually my philosophy when it comes to hair care etc.), they have discounts/promos on certain days and hours so ask or better yet do a research.. You can try with Kino, but you can also try the other stylists, they're all good there, so no need to worry.. :) I hope this helps!

    3. Hi :) im also planing to have an appointment there, i myslef also have extremely curly hair, a mix between curly and wavy hair (prom curls and taylor swift curls) not the coil ones :), im also sick and tired of having curly hair, i also want to experience having straight silky flowy hair :), i just want to ask, when your hair grew after having it rebonded, did it ever look like the regular people who have had their hair rebonded? Like when their roots ate curly? Did that ever happen to you when you had it rebonded there? Thank you :)